Some student projects & final papers (Spring 2017)

Some Paper Topics:

Critical Period Discontinuity in Second-Language Acquisition Proficiency

Heritage Language Learners

An Exploration of Semiotics and Xenolinguistics

Language and Culture Diversity in Immigration

Linguistic and cultural effects of gender differences

Language’s Role in Propaganda

Virtual Assistants and Endangered Languages

Invented Languages

A Twist on Linguistic Determinism

The Impact of Texting on Formal Writing

Is Emoji a Language? 🤔

Language in Hip Hop Music

K-Pop and its Linguistic Implications, K-pop: Korean or Konglish Pop Music?

The Importance of Cultural Competence in Healthcare

Some Final Projects & Presentations:

Erin Gelinas- How Language Impairments Affect Children Socially

Emily Czarnecki -Language Disorders and Resulting Issues

Ian Edwards-Language & Propaganda

Jahanara Uddin Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Nick Carlsen-Codability, Semiotics, and Aliens

Marc Cacioppo-Engineering as Lingua Franca

Deaf People and Healthcare

Localization of language